A windstorm of destructive speed or a deadly tornado could strike with little warning.  These types of catastrophic occurrences are the most destructive and devastating to people that are unprepared.  Communities should be equipped and family plans and contingencies developed. Schools and businesses should also support preparedness campaigns and programs to mitigate the effects of a windstorm.

In the event of such wreckage GCPRO is equipped to take immediate action 24 hours a day.  Our services include tree removal, debris removal, board up - tarp installation, structure and contents drying and we are capable of providing temporary electric generators. 

Structural damage to your home or business because of wind, hail or other storm-related forces can develop into bigger problems if left unresolved. GCPRO’s experienced restoration team can quickly assess the damage and determine the most effective and efficient course of action that will restore your home or business into it’s comfortable, safe and damage-free environment. 

GCPRO will also deal with your insurance agency for you to ensure the entire rebuilding and restoration process is as easy on you as possible.
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